Sunday, May 30, 2010

There is Work

You can't write a script for God. He is not a stock character that helps to move along the plot.

When death made a move into our lives, God did not do the expected. He did not sit me down and put his hand on my shoulders like Rembrandt's Prodigal Son painting. There was no promise of better things to come. The kind, grandfatherly God did not make an appearance. God was there, for sure, but not the God I liked to invent.

In Luke's gospel Jesus tells a man to forget about burying his father. There was work to do and grief is not a vocation. The Kingdom has come and someone needs to proclaim it. Jesus didn't sit that man down and feed him with cliches, "Everything will be OK." Things are not OK. Things are messed up. Jesus did not say, "oh, your father died, good things are due to happen now." All he said is there's work.

Today, following some difficult months, there is work. There is God's Kingdom to proclaim, neighbors to be loved, and an ever-present God to be praised.

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