Friday, January 8, 2010

Epiphany: Freshly Encountering Jesus

This week began our second semester at school, and due to circumstances, I am now teaching two sections of Bible. I've been working so hard to make myself an ESL/ English teacher even though my background is Bible and Theology, so teaching this class for me is a little like a kid in Toys 'R Us. There are many things to teach, and many things I want the students to know. I must restrain myself so I don't lecture for sixty minutes everyday.

Since this is also the start of the second semester, I need to get the students into the New Testament and into Jesus, so I have been teaching a little background history. This is going well for most of the students. Although they are not Bible scholars they do have a basic knowledge of Abraham, Moses and David, which is necessary to appreciate Jesus. The problem is there is one student who has no basic knowledge.

Meghan (not her real name) came to our school just this week. She is Chinese. She speaks English well. Meghan is out-going and inquisitive, the student every teacher wants, really. Nevertheless, she has never seen a Bible before, and knows nothing about Christians and Christianity except they exist in parts of the world far from her home. I spent the first day of class going over some Bible history, which was basically my "Old Testament in 10 Minutes" speech. Of course, she was confused. When the class and I were discussing Abraham she asked, " this Abraham a god or a person? Is he still alive?"

In our church rhythm and time this is the "season" of Epiphany. It is the time when we find out who Jesus is. During this time, I will read and reread the Gospel stories I have heard since I could comprehend anything. However, Meghan will find out who Jesus is for the first time in her life. I have a feeling that Jesus is going to make this Epiphany a special one. I know Meghan will get to see Jesus for the first time, and in some ways, I believe I will see Him for the first time too. This should be our hope for every Epiphany season, that Jesus would freshly reveal himself to us in a way that reminds of us we have only begun to learn of his greatness.

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