Thursday, October 1, 2009

World Communion Sunday- A Thought

The first Sunday of October is labeled by some churches (mostly PCUSA and UMC) as World Communion Sunday. I don't know what that really means or what anyone is supposed to do on that day. The whole Pentecost Season should be a "world communion" season, however, some churches don't want to commune with other Christians. That is a rant for another place.

The PCUSA churches apparently use the day to take a Peacemaking Offering whereby 1/4 of the offering is used specifically for some local Peacemaking Ministries or giving the money as response to HIV/AIDS pandemic. This seems like a good start, but I wonder why churches don't make "peacemaking" part of their reason for being. Can't this idea fundamentally change what it means to say we are "Christian."

It's en vogue these days to say things like, "Well, Christianity is not all about heaven and some out of body spirituality." This is true. And if we believed it we would be investing everthing we had into peacemaking initiatives, because there is no greater way to incarnate spiritual reconciliation than to practice peace making.

I have argued before that the Eucharist forces us to consider dying for Christ,but it also forces us to consider living for peace. When we receive Christ's body and blood we're hearing, "Here, God is at peace with you even though you generally suck at life." That tells us then that part of what it means to be God's people is to be at peace with others who suck at life.

The ministry where I serve was founded on the premise of peacemaking. The idea was that if you can bring together children who are raised to hate each other to receive an education and grow together, and pray together, then they will stop hating each other. Sounds good to me.

Yet, will the church ever listen to what God says at the Eucharist and practice peace?

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